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We'll donate 10% of your subscription payment to Let's Encrypt™ when you sign up for a DNSimple yearly plan. Signup for free. Secure the Web.

Since 2016, we've integrated with Let's Encrypt, a non-profit organization providing free HTTPS certificates worldwide. For our 10th anniversary, we're inviting you to join us in boosting their efforts to create a more secure, privacy-respecting Web.

Secure your site and help build a better Internet.

Get two months free with a yearly plan.
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🔒 HTTPS For All

Let's Encrypt is dedicated to creating a more secure and privacy-respecting Web by issuing the digital certificates needed for sites to secure their network traffic.

⚡️ SSL Automation

At DNSimple, we fully automate the request and renewal of SSL certificates issued by Let's Encrypt. With our API, you can automate the installation of these certificates.

When you configure an HTTPS redirection, SSL certificates are automatically renewed and provisioned for you.

You can request as many certificates as you want, as long as you stay within Let's Encrypt's rate limits.

🙌 Your Contribution

When you sign up for a yearly plan with DNSimple, we'll donate 10% of your subscription payment to Let's Encrypt to help build a better Internet.

Bonus: you'll get two months free on a yearly plan.

We can't think of a better way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

Some conditions apply.

We will automatically donate 10% of every new yearly subscription payment during this campaign. You do not need to opt-in, and you will not be charged extra for the donation.

The donation will be made in the amount of 10% of the payment of a subscription to a new yearly Personal, Professional, or Business plan.

Upgrading or downgrading any plan to which you are already subscribed will not be considered a new subscription for the purposes of this donation.

If you subscribed to DNSimple in the past, cancelled your subscription, and want to re-subscribe, that is considered a new subscription.

Partial refunds on yearly subscriptions are not possible. DNSimple does not issue partial refunds for cancelled subscriptions.

Let's Encrypt is a trademark of the Internet Security Research Group. All rights reserved.

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