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Automate manual tasks across your domain & DNS infrastructure

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What does “simple” mean to you?

Developers and system admins love our Terraform plugin, Consul integration, and self-serve automation tools for domains, DNS, and more. No matter the complexity of your domain portfolio, DNSimple delivers simple, secure domain management.

Explore Domains

Register, transfer, and renew your domains via our Terraform plugin. 

Explore Domains

Simple DNS

Enterprise-grade DNS service that seamlessly integrates with infrastructure-as-code.

Explore DNS

Simple SSL

Request and download single, multiple, and wildcard certificates via our Terraform plugin.

Explore SSL

Domain Control Plane

Take control of domain and DNS assets spread across DNSimple, on-premise systems, and third-party clouds.

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Plugin Framework Compatible

DNSimple's Terraform Provider helps you stay up-to-date with Terraform's latest plugin framework and ensures compatibility with Terraform's updates.

Register domains from Terraform

Unlock a wide range of possibilities with DNSimple's Terraform plugin

Domain registrations

Register domains directly through Terraform. Even if you delete the domain registration resource, the domain and registration remain safe in DNSimple.

DNS records

Manage DNS zone records with ease. Automate the creation, modification, and deletion of DNS records for your domains.

No more manual configurations. Manage your DNS infrastructure with ease.

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates

Seamlessly integrate Let's Encrypt SSL certificate creation and management with your DNSimple-managed domains.

Email forwards

Automate email forwards and streamline your inboxes.

Get started

Here are some shortcuts to help you get started.

DNSimple documentation
DNSimple's Terraform plugin

Using Terraform with DNSimple in under 5 minutes.

Using Terraform with DNSimple in under 5 minutes.

Reduce outages and security issues with DNSimple's Consul Integration

As applications and services become more complex, so do their operations. Being able to manage the DNS configuration of increasing numbers of services is critical to avoiding service downtime.

With the DNSimple Consul integration, you can automatically map all your services to a canonical name to provide access to services even when the underlying infrastructure changes.

Using Consul with DNSimple in under 7 minutes.

Using Consul with DNSimple in under 7 minutes.

Automate your DNS infrastructure. Contact us.

Ditch manual configurations. Manage your domains and DNS infrastructure with HashiCorp and DNSimple.

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