Providing a domain management service
that makes your life easier.

This is why we built and nurture DNSimple.

DNSimple provides the tools you need to manage your domains. We offer both a carefully crafted web interface for managing your domains and DNS records, as well as an HTTP API with various code libraries and tools.

At DNSimple we put our customers' needs first and do everything we can to provide a straightforward and easy to use interface for setting up and editing DNS records. Rather than offering only DNS services, or focusing on domain registration without a focus on excellent DNS, we unite both aspects of managing domains (and throw in SSL certificates) to provide a streamlined system for managing all of your domains easily so you can do other things instead of fighting with your domain provider.

A bit of our history



  • First commit

    First commit to the application that you are looking at right now.


  • Public launch!

    We open for business.


  • A 1,000 customers!

    After a fantastic demo at Ruby Conf by Anthony, we reach the first thousand customers.



  • Chicago and Tokyo

    We expand our server infrastructure for better redundancy.


  • SSL certificate purchasing added

    It becomes easy to buy a SSL certificate for your domain.


  • ALIAS records

    We launch a new record type called ALIAS which provides a CNAME-like behavior for the apex domain.



  • Two-factor authentication added

    We were one of the first DNS providers to offer this type of login security.


  • Simone joins the team

    Simone becomes the first DNSimple employee.


  • 40,000 domains

    We manange the DNS of over 40,000 domains.



  • Migration to Anycast

    We migrated all our customers to the new Anycast network, providing 5 points of presence.



  • New team members

    The team grows with new members: Aaron, Jacobo, Javier.


  • Team goes to 7 members

    Joseph joins the team to provide a better service and keep on improving our product.


  • Team goes to 8 members

    Sebastian joins DNSimple and becomes our de-facto designer



  • Secondary DNS

    We provide zone replication to other DNS providers


  • Team goes to 9 members

    Antoine and Mak jump onboard to lend a hand with Marketing and Ops respectively.


  • Launch of How DNS Works

    The web comic becomes an instant success with over 100k readers in its first month.



  • Team goes to 11 members

    Laetitia and Luca join the team to lend a hand with Marketing and tackle the APIv2 respectively.


  • APIv2 Beta

    The new version of the DNSimple APIv2 is now available in Public Beta.

  • Webhooks

    You can now track events, improve your integrations, and streamline your domain management.


  • Team goes to 12 members

    Amy joins the Ops team.


  • SSL Automation

    SSL Automation via our Let's Encrypt integration launches in beta.


  • API v2 General Availability

    The new version of the DNSimple APIv2 is now available for everyone.

  • Launch of DNStudy

    A place where we share our favorite learning resources.

  • Activity Tracking

    Providing a full audit history for a specific domain or for an account as a whole.



  • A new team member

    Ole joins the crew helping with all things software.

  • CAA DNS records

    Allowing domain owners to declare which certificate authorities are allowed to issue a certificate for a domain.


  • A new team member

    Maria joins the team to design an even easier experience.



  • Sydney

    We expand into Australia with the addition of a Sydney datacenter.

A small team that builds BIG things

  • Anthony Eden

    Anthony Eden

    Purveyor of Internet Duct Tape

    I break things so Simone continues to have plenty to do. I occasionally have useful ideas, like building a domain and DNS provider that doesn't suck.

  • Simone Carletti

    Simone Carletti

    Underwater Programmer

    Italian software developer, a PADI scuba instructor and a former professional sommelier. I make awesome code and troll Anthony for fun and profit.

  • Aaron Kalin

    Aaron Kalin

    Caffeine Powered Server Fox

    Software and Server maintainer by day, board and video game geek by night.

  • Javier Acero

    Javier Acero

    Dangerous Dolphin

    Programmer. Minimalist. Apple fanboy. Currently having fun at DNSimple. I love coffee and my cat.

  • Sebastian Hermida

    Sebastian Hermida


    Appreciates the finest things in life: clean code, good illustrations, and carrot juice.

  • Luca Guidi

    Luca Guidi

    Tea Lover

    Former astronaut, soccer player, superhero. All at the age of 10. For some reason now I write code.

  • Laetitia Eden

    Laetitia Eden


    Le bonheur ne s'ach├Ęte pas mais on peut acheter du fromage et c'est presque pareil!

  • Amy Aronsohn

    Amy Aronsohn


    Kaizen junkie, list enthusiast, automation obsessor, cycling fool, unrepentant otaku, all around busybody.

  • Ole Michaelis

    Ole Michaelis

    Full Stackoverflow Developer

    Conference junkie, user groupie and boardgame geek also knows how to juggle. Oh, and software.

  • Maria Munuera

    Maria Munuera

    Product designer and remote queen

    Avocado lover. She would have been born remotely if she could

  • Corey Haines

    Corey Haines


    Cat lover. Software developer.

  • Andrew Rabbitt

    Andrew Rabbitt


    Publisher, book and comic distributor, specialty coffee enthusiast, electric vehicle owner, home chef.

Our manifesto

We're tired of confusing, complicated domain management. We're tired of complex pricing. We're tired of constantly being bombarded by upselling. We want to register a domain and set it up with as little effort as possible. We want to be able to automate everything. This is why we built and nurture DNSimple.

We care deeply about making our service a joy to use and as simple as possible. Whether you set your DNS records and then move on to more pressing concerns or you manage a highly dynamic infrastructure with constant DNS changes, we hope to provide a domain management service that makes your life easier and saves you time and money.

We Open Source

We authored and maintain over 25 public repositories: our API, Chef cookbooks, Erlang DNS libraries, and support documentation is all open for you to see.

We are pretty proud of it. Have a look!

Any questions? Ask us

You can reach us at any time, we are here to help. Use our contact page or email us at

Oh, BTW, do you like comics?

Just asking, because we made one that explains how DNS works. You might want to check it out: Let us know what you think!

Need the DNSimple logo? Download various versions of our logo for marketing material and conference web sites.