Work with us

Fully remote

We built DNSimple to be 100% remote from day one. Flexible schedules. No offices. Work where you want.


We speak different languages, and we program with different languages.

Honesty and Transparency

We're a bootstraped company, so we don't depend on venture capital. You have access to business goals, accounting, and salaries. No hidden agendas.

We care for our employees

Working for DNSimple is a two way relationship. We adapt to your needs, too. We're open to everyone regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Making domain management automation a reality

As part of the team, your feedback and input is not only welcomed, it's anticipated. We're a small team and everyone's opinion matters. Help us build the vision.

Open positions

Ruby & Go Systems Developer

As a DNSimple Systems Developer, you are responsible for implementing new functionality, enhancing existing functionality, fixing issues, and developing an overall system to help achieve customer success through the automation of their domain management.

Development Team:

  • We're a fully distributed team of experienced developers.
  • Our systems are developed in multiple languages: Ruby, Go, Erlang. Ruby is our primary language.
  • We deploy and operate our applications and infrastructure.
  • We care about code quality and we adopt best practices to ensure maintainability.
  • We test our code, we use code review, and we ship multiple times a day.


  • Design and implement well-tested Ruby application code for
  • Design and implement well-tested Go application code for a variety of support services.
  • Clearly communicate progress on projects with the DNSimple team through commits, GitHub pull requests, and GitHub issues.
  • Review other team member pull requests in a timely fashion.
  • Answer customer support requests, helping customers achieve their goals and recording issues when changes need to be made to handle bugs or enhancements.


  • Previous experience developing Ruby software, using Ruby on Rails, is required.
  • Previous experience with git for version control is required.
  • Previous experience developing Go software is preferred.
  • Confident with testing and Test Driven Development.
  • Confident with SQL (PostgreSQL in particular).
  • Strong object oriented design skills and familiarity with SOLID principles preferred.
  • Familiarity with Domain Driven Design preferred.
  • Experience operating production systems and taking responsibility for uptime and stability.
  • Strong English comprehension and writing skills required.
  • Tangible contribution to the open-source community or trackable record of public talks is preferred.