Advancing Privacy on the Web with Let's Encrypt™

The work Let's Encrypt does is huge.

And we can all help improve Internet privacy.

It starts with you securing your site with a Let's Encrypt certificate using DNSimple's domain management tools and integration.

Join us in helping make the Internet better for everyone.

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We've been a proud sponsor of Let's Encrypt since 2017.

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates on DNSimple

We're one of the best platforms for integrating with Let's Encrypt, because we make it as simple as possible.

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We use DNS-based validation to automatically validate domains. No more emails to wait for and approve. No need for manual intervention.

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Your certificate will automatically renew before it expires, so you have fewer things to worry about.

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We include Let's Encrypt certificates in DNSimple subscription plans at no additional charge.

Secure your site and help build a better Internet.

Get two months free with a yearly plan.

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Why is SSL important?

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SSL certificates provide encrypted connections between your web browser and the the websites you visit.

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Data transmitted between your web browser and websites can't be read without being decrypted.

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This prevents third parties from spying on your information.

How does it work?

1. Obtain your certificate

Select Let's Encrypt as the Certificate Authority for your next certificate.

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2. Configure

Enter the name and contact for the certificate.

Depending on your plan, the common name will be defaulted, or you'll be able to choose the SAN (Subject Alternative Name).

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3. Request

Sit back and relax, DNS is happening. We automatically create DNS records to validate the domain.

Your domain must be resolving through DNSimple name servers for this to work.

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4. Install

Follow our installation steps to install the certificate on your webserver.

With the auto-renewal option, you'll receive your new certificate files before the current certificate expires.

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