Email forwarding and catch-all email

Easily redirect email sent to your DNSimple domains to other inboxes.


per domain per month


forwards per month for Solo users


forwards per month for Teams users

DNSimple's email forwarding

Redirect email addressed to domains managed by DNSimple to your other email accounts.

Whether it’s personal or business, email forwarding consolidates all your email from all your domains into your primary inbox. And, when you enable or disable email forwarding in DNSimple, we handle all the DNS record management.

Our email forwarding helps you stay on top of all of your emails — without the technical hassles of other providers.

Catch-all email addresses

Set up a catch-all email account with DNSimple, and any emails sent to an incorrect or nonexistent email address on your domain land in your catch-all email account. Easily scan a single inbox for important messages you may otherwise have missed.