How to Transfer a Domain
with No Downtime

Here's a Handy Checklist to Transfer Your Domain with Zero Downtime

Figuring out how to transfer a domain name can be intimidating. Without taking the right steps in the right order, you run the risk of taking down your entire website - it can even cause email to stop being delivered.

By using this transfer checklist, you can be confident that you've completed each step of the domain transfer process. Following these steps will reduce the risk of taking your domain offline.

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Before you start

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You'll need to approve the transfer via an authorization email - so review your contact information and make sure it's up to date.

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Expired domains cannot be transferred. However, if the domain expires after the transfer is issued at the new registrar, the old registrar is not allowed to deny the transfer for non-renewal.

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Transferring a domain extends the expiration date by 1 year. You don’t need to renew a domain before transferring it.

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SSL certificates are not affected by domain transfers. They'll continue working while the domain is transferring.

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A domain transfer can take up to 5 business days to complete.

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Some TLDs, like .CO.UK follow a different set of rules. Make sure you know your specific domain’s requirements before starting a transfer.

Step 1

Transfer the DNS

If the domain name system (DNS) for your domain is with your current registrar, you'll need to transfer it first. For example, if your domain is registered by GoDaddy, and you also manage the DNS there. This step allows your site and email to keep responding while the domain is transferring.

Step 2

Transfer the domain

If the DNS for your domain is not managed by your current registrar, there will be no downtime while you transfer the domain. Below are the steps to move your domain to a new provider.

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