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Matt Heerema, Founder, UX & Tech Strategist

Worry-free DNS

The Company

Mere Agency is a group of experienced web design and development professionals. They build custom sites for a wide variety of clients, with the goal of making the internet a more beautiful place. They were founded in 2011, and have been with DNSimple since 2013.

When I started this agency, and it came time to pick a service, I was already familiar with DNSimple. I heard about you from a user like a decade ago.

Matt Heerema, Founder, UX & Tech Strategist

But they weren't just out to find a service they were familiar with, they wanted streamlined DNS management that would scale with their growth. We've helped them meet their needs for the past seven years. Over those years, we've added multiple features and made a lot of changes to the platform. They stuck with us, and have trusted us with their domains for the better part of a decade.

Deciding on DNSimple

Mere Agency was a reseller on one platform, and managed their custom domains with DNSimple. They needed to consolidate to make things easier, and whatever platform they chose had to support Heroku and WPEngine's custom record type needs.

One of the biggest reasons they chose DNSimple was the simplicity of integrating with custom record types and URL redirects.

We used Heroku and WPEngine as core platforms, and the way DNSimple's custom record types, like ALIAS, and URL Redirects worked really well with them.

Matt Heerema, Founder, UX & Tech Strategist

Mere also wanted a DNS host that they could trust when they needed to move their domains and execute transfers. And they wanted a platform that was streamlined and cutting edge. Or, in their words, not stuck in the 90s.

With DNSimple's straightforward, easy-to-use platform, they're able to consolidate their DNS management, and keep their clients' domains well organized.

Matt Heerema, Founder, UX & Tech Strategist

As an agency, they have a unique perspective from our other customer stories. We talked with them about how they use DNSimple, and which of our services they value most.

One-click services

One-click services allow users to apply a service that creates all the DNS configuration needed to serve your webpage or configure your email. They're especially helpful when you run a lot of apps, which Mere Agency does.

We run a lot of Google apps, sites that run Google apps, so to not have to enter those dozen records and just be like "Click" it's on, that's actually a pretty big deal when you're starting to do that to a couple hundred sites.

Matt Heerema, Founder, UX & Tech Strategist

A unique platform

As Mere Agency discovered, we're more than a handful of DNS management tools. And while we offer domain registration, it's a feature, not the main focus.

I was kind of thinking of you as a regular registrar, with a few unique tools, and instead you're more of a concierge on top of that.

Matt Heerema, Founder, UX & Tech Strategist

Our innovative platform brings you a lot of tools most registrars just don't have, and makes it easy to manage your DNS. Through our API, we help you tailor our services to meet your needs, providing expert support when you need it.

Over the years, we've added even more options to meet our customers' needs. It's a premium option that allows us to work in-sync with your team, or complete projects on our own.

Ease of use

Our intuitive design means Mere Agency doesn't have to spend their time and energy on training and support for staff. They've never even had to look for help - it's always right there when they need it.

It's actually intuitive enough where it doesn't require any training [...] as long as you know what DNS records are about, and there are some good help articles along the way.

Matt Heerema, Founder, UX & Tech Strategist

DNSimple's streamlined interface and expert DNS management help your agency stay up, running, and organized. We also secure your assets with security-focused tooling, like SSL certificate auto-renewal and simple two-factor-authentication, so your clients know they're in good hands. Read more about how we work with agencies, or drop us a line if you have more questions.

Variety-brand registrars provide DNS hosting - but they're not DNS experts. We are. And whether you're starting with one domain or thousands, DNSimple's straightforward interface scales to fit your needs. Plan for your future. Give us a try for 30 days, free.

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Favorite features

One-click Services

Our one-click services make it easy to hook your domain to GSuite, Heroku, and much more.

API Automation

With the DNSimple REST API you can register one or more domain names and administrate them directly from your own scripts. We currently maintain Ruby, Node, Elixir, and Go.

Multiple Member Team

You can associate your DNSimple account with one or more users. Users have full access rights to every resource attached to the account – domains, contacts, SSL certificates, etc.

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