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We have removed the pain of getting a SSL certificate for your domains. Get your next certificate in a breeze!

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Quick and reliable in 3 easy steps

1. Configure

We offer single domain certificates for $20.00 per year or wildcard certificates for $100.00 per year.

A single domain certificate on the "www" subdomain is also valid on the naked or apex domain.

As an option, provide your own CSR.

Ssl configure

2. Approve

Select an active email address to receive an email to approve the SSL certificate.

Once the certificate is approved, it will be ready for installation.

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3. Install

Quickly install your certificate anywhere! We provide bundles and detailed instructions for popular platforms, or generic instructions if you don't use a widespread option.

We strive to make the installation of SSL certificates as fast and as simple as possible. Certificate files are bundled for you, and ready to go with one click. No need to think about the intricacies of your particular platform.

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Multi-year certificates

Don't sweat renewing your certificates each year.
Purchase a certificate for up to three years and be done with it.

Very simple pricing

  • Single subdomain


    Secures your subdomain

    Provide your own CSR

    Supports multi-year

    Installation instructions

  • Wildcard certificate


    Secures all your subdomains

    Provide your own CSR

    Supports multi-year

    Installation instructions