DNSimple Take-down Policy

DNSimple will suspend resolution of a domain name under the following conditions:

  1. The domain is suspended or ordered transferred by ICANN as required by our Registration Agreement.
  2. We receive a court order from a US Federal Court or a court in our jurisdiction (the State of Florida).
  3. Use of the domain threatens the stability of the DNSimple system as a whole, in which case we will attempt to move the domain to another system to minimize impact on other DNSimple customers.

We will always attempt to contact the domain holder via email before taking down any domain. We will typically send an email immediately upon receiving notice which meets one of the previously defined justifications and we will provide three days for the domain holder to respond. The only exception is the case where the continuing operation of a domain threatens the entire DNSimple community, in which case we will take the domain offline immediately.

If you have any concerns over this policy please contact us.

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